Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The astonishing language

According to the report, Russia's strategic and technical analysis center expert kashin wrote, Sean mirsky articles in the United States, Wholesale jerseys nflonce the outbreak of the war the United States on China's implementation of the feasibility of the naval blockade. Mr Mirsky argues that the blockade is the best plan for military action against China, which could destroy China's economic potential and force China to concede defeat. But the key to the success of the blockades is Russia's position.
The language is striking: once the us and China go to war, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
Mearsky believes that once a large-scale operation between China and the United States is between a partial conflict and a non-restricted war, the U.S. blockade of China can be implemented. In this mass conflict, it is not about the use of nuclear weapons, but rather that the United States is fighting for its vital interests in the asia-pacific region.
Us military experts point out that China's economy is heavily dependent on foreign trade, and 90% of China's foreign trade activities completed via ocean, about 60% of China's oil demand from imports, more than 80% of the container freight focused on China's top ten port. So a long-term blockade, if not a 100 percent effective blockade, could have devastating consequences for the Chinese economy.
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
Mr. Mirsky said the key political factor determining whether the U.S. will succeed in the Chinese maritime blockade is whether Washington can promote China's neighbors, cheap nfl hatsstarting with Russia's involvement in a blockade of China. China is pouring money into alternative transport corridors that bypass the strait to the Indian Ocean, but could be damaged by the us.
Mirsky admitted that at the moment, expect Russia to participate in the blockade China is just a fantasy, but may wish to can the United States and Russia on the basis of anti-china further close, drivers should be Russia's fear of China. On the whole, without Russia's involvement, the United States would not be able to block China's action plan.
Two Russian su-24 jets have flown more than 10 times in the Baltic international waters recently over a U.S. missile destroyer, foreign media reported Wednesday. The us has accused Russia of "simulating an attack".
However, Russian warplanes did not have obvious weapons, and American warships did not take any action. They could only eat the "dumb loss". So what are the useful implications of the Russian military's strong drive to ward off the U.S. military?
In recent years, Russian and American relations have been strained, American warships and aircraft have been operating in and around Russia, and the Russian military has always been merciless to these uninvited guests, sometimes even humiliating.
In April 2014, a Russian su-24 fighter jet was flying near the U.S. navy's uss Donald cook on 12 occasions in the high seas near Romania. Although it is not armed, it is equipped with an advanced electronic countermeasures system called "hibienet".
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
All of the radar screens were suddenly darkened after a battle alert was reported, and the aegis system failed, and the missile could not be targeted. The su-24 took a full 12 laps over the destroyer's deck, nfl jerseys cheapand repeatedly made moves such as flying and simulating missile attacks.
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
In the end, the U.S. military withdrew to romanian port, and the 27 people on board were said to have submitted their resignations because of frustration.
The su-24 warplanes have built up a lot of work, and the NATO codename "swordsman". The aircraft was developed by the Soviet union's sukhoi design bureau, the all-weather supersonic two-seater double - seater, double - double - double - double - wing combat bomber, which is also one of the main active aircraft of the Russian army, with a strong fighting force. In addition to carrying traditional air-to-ground missiles and other armed attacks, the su-24 can carry small tactical nuclear weapons and carry out a deep strike.
Sue - 24 of the whole navigation/fire control system can realize the terrain tracking, weapon guidance, target search and instructions, bombs, radar warning and suppress, anti-radiation missile, as well as automatic or semi-automatic driving. In response to the harassment of U.S. warplanes, the Russian military has not only led to a variety of responses such as intercepting, eviction, electronic warfare, and even using ground radar for monitoring and tracking.
In July 2014, a rc-135 surveillance plane radioelectronically detected Russian military installations near Russian airspace. The russians sent at least one fighter jet to intercept them. To the surprise of the U.S. military, the Russian team was "horrified" by the unusual use of ground radar to counter U.S. surveillance aircraft.
In order to get out of the airspace as soon as possible, the us reconnaissance aircraft violated the sovereignty of the "neutral state" by hiding in Swedish airspace without the approval of Sweden. CNN reports that this is the real-life version of the "cowardly game" of the air, cheap hatswhich has disgraced the American air force.
This time, the "encounter" of the us and Russian military aircraft is clearly connected with the situation in Ukraine. NATO's eastward expansion jianfeng as Russia's "home", if the us and Europe have dug to Ukraine, the Baltic sea wall, and the black sea also blocked, Russia will no longer be across the Eurasian giant, also will never make a comeback.
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
Mr Putin is well aware of this, so it has decisively taken back Crimea and put pressure on us strategy by strengthening its military deterrent.
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
On the contrary, the United States in Ukraine but cautious, even if the Russian military aircraft over the ship in the United States "provocative", American also dare not rashly with contest, highlighting the U.S. have "peeping" were afraid to go to war with Russia ambivalence.
In contrast, the us military has taken an aggressive approach in the asia-pacific. The us secretary of defense visited Asia, not only talking about the south China sea issue, but also characterized China's maintenance of relevant construction and facilities on some of its garrisoned islands and reefs as a "military operation".
Not long ago, us missile destroyers, p-8a anti-submarine patrol aircraft, and even aircraft carrier battle groups broke into the south China sea.
The United States accuses China in the south China sea reef "military", while their military presence in the growing of the south China sea, a strong stand in the Philippines, invited Japanese intervention, some asean countries held a joint military exercise frequently, flaunted force, trying to "encirclement" in China in the south China sea.
At present, the multinational ships are coveting the sea airspace in the south China sea: the Philippines has begun to accept Japanese aid patrol boats; Vietnam has released drones to monitor the hs-6l high-altitude air traffic in the south China sea. The uss larsen, Cheap jerseys china,the p-8a, the b-52h bomber occasionally jumped into the south China sea...
Laissez-faire military vessels in the south China sea will no doubt pose a threat to the people and facilities on the island. Therefore, it is necessary for China to deploy the sea and air force that can look at home and resident in the south China sea,  so as to dare to spy on must intercept, until it is expelled.
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
Predictably, with the deepening of the U.S. military strategic center of gravity to the east, the more its surrounding will be stationed in China, this will exacerbate regional tensions, damage to the regional peace and stability, China and the United States in the south China sea battle is inevitable, and will present a long-term change and the trend of the normalized.
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
Opinion of of the "China threat" in the us, making those countries have territorial disputes with China in the south China sea, the support of the United States in the south China sea cruise, but in the United States and egged on by individual countries are likely to risk military action against China. Therefore, the south China sea issue cannot be solved by mere suffering.
It is not bad for China to occasionally learn the "close-fitting" movement of the Russian army, which is known as the "catch man" and to deal with the "provocative" ships and reconnaissance aircraft of the us military. Cheap nfl jerseysOnly by showing China's strength and determination to safeguard China's sovereignty and security will it be able to bring back the us military and build a solid foundation for the peaceful settlement of the south China sea issue.

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