Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The astonishing language

According to the report, Russia's strategic and technical analysis center expert kashin wrote, Sean mirsky articles in the United States, Wholesale jerseys nflonce the outbreak of the war the United States on China's implementation of the feasibility of the naval blockade. Mr Mirsky argues that the blockade is the best plan for military action against China, which could destroy China's economic potential and force China to concede defeat. But the key to the success of the blockades is Russia's position.
The language is striking: once the us and China go to war, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
Mearsky believes that once a large-scale operation between China and the United States is between a partial conflict and a non-restricted war, the U.S. blockade of China can be implemented. In this mass conflict, it is not about the use of nuclear weapons, but rather that the United States is fighting for its vital interests in the asia-pacific region.
Us military experts point out that China's economy is heavily dependent on foreign trade, and 90% of China's foreign trade activities completed via ocean, about 60% of China's oil demand from imports, more than 80% of the container freight focused on China's top ten port. So a long-term blockade, if not a 100 percent effective blockade, could have devastating consequences for the Chinese economy.
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
Mr. Mirsky said the key political factor determining whether the U.S. will succeed in the Chinese maritime blockade is whether Washington can promote China's neighbors, cheap nfl hatsstarting with Russia's involvement in a blockade of China. China is pouring money into alternative transport corridors that bypass the strait to the Indian Ocean, but could be damaged by the us.
Mirsky admitted that at the moment, expect Russia to participate in the blockade China is just a fantasy, but may wish to can the United States and Russia on the basis of anti-china further close, drivers should be Russia's fear of China. On the whole, without Russia's involvement, the United States would not be able to block China's action plan.
Two Russian su-24 jets have flown more than 10 times in the Baltic international waters recently over a U.S. missile destroyer, foreign media reported Wednesday. The us has accused Russia of "simulating an attack".
However, Russian warplanes did not have obvious weapons, and American warships did not take any action. They could only eat the "dumb loss". So what are the useful implications of the Russian military's strong drive to ward off the U.S. military?
In recent years, Russian and American relations have been strained, American warships and aircraft have been operating in and around Russia, and the Russian military has always been merciless to these uninvited guests, sometimes even humiliating.
In April 2014, a Russian su-24 fighter jet was flying near the U.S. navy's uss Donald cook on 12 occasions in the high seas near Romania. Although it is not armed, it is equipped with an advanced electronic countermeasures system called "hibienet".
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
All of the radar screens were suddenly darkened after a battle alert was reported, and the aegis system failed, and the missile could not be targeted. The su-24 took a full 12 laps over the destroyer's deck, nfl jerseys cheapand repeatedly made moves such as flying and simulating missile attacks.
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
In the end, the U.S. military withdrew to romanian port, and the 27 people on board were said to have submitted their resignations because of frustration.
The su-24 warplanes have built up a lot of work, and the NATO codename "swordsman". The aircraft was developed by the Soviet union's sukhoi design bureau, the all-weather supersonic two-seater double - seater, double - double - double - double - wing combat bomber, which is also one of the main active aircraft of the Russian army, with a strong fighting force. In addition to carrying traditional air-to-ground missiles and other armed attacks, the su-24 can carry small tactical nuclear weapons and carry out a deep strike.
Sue - 24 of the whole navigation/fire control system can realize the terrain tracking, weapon guidance, target search and instructions, bombs, radar warning and suppress, anti-radiation missile, as well as automatic or semi-automatic driving. In response to the harassment of U.S. warplanes, the Russian military has not only led to a variety of responses such as intercepting, eviction, electronic warfare, and even using ground radar for monitoring and tracking.
In July 2014, a rc-135 surveillance plane radioelectronically detected Russian military installations near Russian airspace. The russians sent at least one fighter jet to intercept them. To the surprise of the U.S. military, the Russian team was "horrified" by the unusual use of ground radar to counter U.S. surveillance aircraft.
In order to get out of the airspace as soon as possible, the us reconnaissance aircraft violated the sovereignty of the "neutral state" by hiding in Swedish airspace without the approval of Sweden. CNN reports that this is the real-life version of the "cowardly game" of the air, cheap hatswhich has disgraced the American air force.
This time, the "encounter" of the us and Russian military aircraft is clearly connected with the situation in Ukraine. NATO's eastward expansion jianfeng as Russia's "home", if the us and Europe have dug to Ukraine, the Baltic sea wall, and the black sea also blocked, Russia will no longer be across the Eurasian giant, also will never make a comeback.
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
Mr Putin is well aware of this, so it has decisively taken back Crimea and put pressure on us strategy by strengthening its military deterrent.
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
On the contrary, the United States in Ukraine but cautious, even if the Russian military aircraft over the ship in the United States "provocative", American also dare not rashly with contest, highlighting the U.S. have "peeping" were afraid to go to war with Russia ambivalence.
In contrast, the us military has taken an aggressive approach in the asia-pacific. The us secretary of defense visited Asia, not only talking about the south China sea issue, but also characterized China's maintenance of relevant construction and facilities on some of its garrisoned islands and reefs as a "military operation".
Not long ago, us missile destroyers, p-8a anti-submarine patrol aircraft, and even aircraft carrier battle groups broke into the south China sea.
The United States accuses China in the south China sea reef "military", while their military presence in the growing of the south China sea, a strong stand in the Philippines, invited Japanese intervention, some asean countries held a joint military exercise frequently, flaunted force, trying to "encirclement" in China in the south China sea.
At present, the multinational ships are coveting the sea airspace in the south China sea: the Philippines has begun to accept Japanese aid patrol boats; Vietnam has released drones to monitor the hs-6l high-altitude air traffic in the south China sea. The uss larsen, Cheap jerseys china,the p-8a, the b-52h bomber occasionally jumped into the south China sea...
Laissez-faire military vessels in the south China sea will no doubt pose a threat to the people and facilities on the island. Therefore, it is necessary for China to deploy the sea and air force that can look at home and resident in the south China sea,  so as to dare to spy on must intercept, until it is expelled.
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
Predictably, with the deepening of the U.S. military strategic center of gravity to the east, the more its surrounding will be stationed in China, this will exacerbate regional tensions, damage to the regional peace and stability, China and the United States in the south China sea battle is inevitable, and will present a long-term change and the trend of the normalized.
The language is striking: when it comes to China and America, Mr Putin decides who wins and who loses
Opinion of of the "China threat" in the us, making those countries have territorial disputes with China in the south China sea, the support of the United States in the south China sea cruise, but in the United States and egged on by individual countries are likely to risk military action against China. Therefore, the south China sea issue cannot be solved by mere suffering.
It is not bad for China to occasionally learn the "close-fitting" movement of the Russian army, which is known as the "catch man" and to deal with the "provocative" ships and reconnaissance aircraft of the us military. Cheap nfl jerseysOnly by showing China's strength and determination to safeguard China's sovereignty and security will it be able to bring back the us military and build a solid foundation for the peaceful settlement of the south China sea issue.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

So disappointed about myself

These days, I am trapped in very negative feelings and negative thoughts. Now I feel so terrible and disappointed.
Long time no coming here, wholesale jersey, as if each time I come and write something just for expressing extreme happiness or sadness.
Unfortunately, I am unhappy again. Despite of some reflections, I still can not figure out what really result in my disappointments. Maybe, it's due to a lot of reasons.s
I have to admit I am a somewhat ambitious person, I really look forward to making some achievements at work. While, now it seems to be rather difficult. As a worker in the realm of science research, I desire to have some deep research in some certain aspect, but I can not make sure which aspect I should step into. Within the past two years, there isn't a professional leader teaching or directing me. So, for the work, I feel no progess at all compared to when I was at school.
Talking about my colleagues, I do not think, I could get on well with them. Though I behave very politely at my workplace, I could not make it to be friends with them. It seems that our relationship just stays at a very superficial level and contraints only to job needs. And I would feel very hurt if others don't give any good response to my passion and friendliness. Maybe, I won't try to approach actively. So, now I don't feel good while handling the relationship with others.
There are also many trifles at home. Though my younger brother has been married, he still can't behave like a real adult. So, each time when I call my mom, she and my elder sister would together complain lots of things about my brother as well as many other daily things. At home,  I play a parent-like role in my family, so I would lose my temper when I know my brother doesn't behave well and I would also feel bored about those trifles because I myself already become messed up, so those things make me more upset and pressureful.
And then, about my own emotion. I once regard myself as the luckiest person in the world to be in love with my present boyfriend. In my heart, he is my only Mr. Right. Before, cheap mlb hats,I always hear others talk about "the three views" while finding another part.  I feel I and him are extremely matchable in all aspects. He treats me really well and as what I have dreamed of , I could be the real myself and behave like a little girl in front of him. But, maybe, it's my fault, I think I am too excessively cared about him or loving him, so I always pay much attention to his facial expression changes or his words, once I notice he's serious or not happy-looking, I would have very complex thoughts, I would think whether I have done or said something wrong. And I would guess what he's thinking, while he hates me do that. If I ask him whether he's unhappy, he would say he isn't, and I would try to say some tender words first, if he still behave like before, then I would also feel unhappy. He once tells me, if we have conflictions, as long as I behave tender and lovely, he would become well, but as I have tried, it still doesn't work, I don't know what to do. Not for one time, I feel he's unhappy, but he says he isn't, if I insist asking or trying to analyze the reasons, especially if I become unhappy when I get no wanted response from him, he would lose his temper and feel bored, because he would think it's me who's making up one inexistent thing and forcefully regard my guessings as his feelings and he couldn't understand my behaviors. I still think there's some reason for his sudden expression change but I don't know why he doesn't speak out.Maybe, I have done wrong.
Like what I've said above, all of mine have been messed up. I am so disappointed about myself and my present status. What's wrong with me? I feel so terrible now. I really don't know who I should turn to, but I know I would feel embarrassed if sharing them with others. Life is not that easy, now I know. For my work, I hope I could have some more concrete plans and pursuits, for my family, I hope I could get more concerns , for my lover, I hope I could get more understandings and sharings.
To be honest, for some time, I really want to escape, to enclose myself and stay alone quietly, but I can't. For my complaints, cheap nfl jerseysI only want to speak out, and this's also a chance for me to reflect about my real status. So, with no surprise, I find that I am really in a terrible status, haha. Anyway, I look forward to good changes, I won't let it becoming worse. Maybe, I've allowed myself living too comfortable before, so I just wonder if I should treat myself in a more strict way. Yeah, it's time to wake up and try to arrange these things. I believe I can handle them well, at least I should have confidence before doing it. Fighting!


What makes a home ? Love and sympathy and confidence. It is a place where kindly affections exist among all the members of the family.The parents take good care of their children.meanwhile, cheap jerseysthe children are interested in the activities of their parents.Thus all of them are bound together by affection,and they find their home to be the cheeriest place in the world.Sometimes we heard that home is surrounded by money, exterior element.Especially when we grow up day by day, when I was a child, getting together with my parents all day, that's my dream. Due to some reason, The dream failed,  later, starting education and seeking job outside. I have a little time with my parents.Even I ever told my wife that we don't want our child leave us in the future, even one day.But it is not come true till now. When my sweet daughter come to the world,home is to be whole at that moment.During the time when my sweet is not along with us.My wife and I thought about some questions. What are we striving for while working hard ? What can we bring to our children? How to make a whole home? This is actually troubled us. Indeed, many of our dreams are beat by external power. Someone get over it and get benefit from them,unfortunately, someone was beat and lost their heart.We struggle hard to get high successful and prosperous life, but prosperity alone can by on means insure happiness for home.Your home may be poor and humble, that's your duty. You should try to make it cheerful and comfortable, a whole home. I like one sentence" the greater the difficulties, the richer will be your reward". All of them is a temporary difficult, cheap snapback hatsI firmly believe. That's a stupid idea that children are hindering your development along with us. No one can prevent you if you want.Yes , no one. if you want. To be happy that I will see my sweet tomorrow.        

Friday, June 2, 2017

Cristiano ronaldo: messi is a genius and I respect him

The champions league final is coming, and ronaldo is now being interviewed by Spanish television six. Cristiano ronaldo has made it clear that he has a good relationship with messi and he respects the genius of messi. Ronaldo also misses Manchester united because he has never been booed at Manchester united.
Cristiano ronaldo first talked about messi: "we are not friends, but is counterparts. Let's go to a lot of times the prize presentation ceremony, cheap nba hatsour relationship is very good. We don't have a meal together, although but I respect him very much. He is a football genius, this no doubt."
Ronaldo then talked about the champions league final: "real Madrid has always been popular, we are hot. If I feel I am the best, that I don't think this is not modesty. We are hot, but not necessarily win, we need to do is better than the other."
Cristiano ronaldo has been involved in tax, the Portuguese to say: "I really calm, calm, the matter will be resolved in the best way. A clear conscience can have a good sleep, I sleep well at night, because I am very calm, now is my soul only think about the final."
Are you persecuted by the press? Answered with cristiano ronaldo: "I can't use the word abuse, cheap nfl fitted hatsbut a lot of people did in the case of laymen rumor. If I deny all sorts of things every day, that I wouldn't have to do something else."
Cristiano ronaldo has repeatedly expressed desire not to be booed at the bernabeu, Portuguese again emphasize this point: "I don't like to be hush, don't like being home fans booed. When go to great lengths to need outside support, but the fans will hiss you. Manchester united have never seen this kind of thing, I miss Manchester united forever in my heart."
cheap nfl snapback hatsRonaldo finally spoke of his future: "I will play at real Madrid until I am 41 and I will say so when I renew my contract."

Manchester united have officially rejected real Madrid

Sky sports today confirmed that Manchester united have officially rejected real Madrid's bid for DE gea, suggesting united's determination to remain in the club. Sky sports claims that real Madrid's offer is as high as 60m pounds, cheap nhl jerseysa record for the highest transfer fee ever, but united are not at all impressed. Manchester united have labelled DE gea as "not for sale".
Real Madrid is a club that is not easily abandoned. Two years ago, they were almost able to get DE gea, but they were ridiculed for failing to deal with the fax machine. Two years later, real Madrid are back, and florentino is confident that he will be able to dig him out this summer. However, Manchester united have been more hawkish this time, and mourinho is not a good player and will not be able to easily release the defensive cornerstones of the game.
Sky sports points out that real Madrid's bid for DE gea is 60 million pounds, three times the cost of Manchester united's $18m transfer fee (18m). The record for the highest transfer fee in the history of the goalkeeper was created by gianluigi buffon, who spent 33 million pounds to buy him. Real Madrid now give Manchester united a 60m pound, almost twice the price of buffon, cheap ncaa jerseysbut united remain reluctant to sell.
In the latter part of the season, jose mourinho has decided to give up the premier league and lead the champions league and win the uefa champions league. The reds will return to the champions league next season. To make a mark in the champions league, Manchester united must be equipped with a good goalkeeper, leaving him clearly the best option. Yesterday, the BBC noted that Mr DE gea was happy to live in Manchester united and he had no intention of leaving the club. He has played 45 times for united in the 2016-17 season. For the past three seasons DE jaha has been the best player in Manchester united, cheap soccer jerseysbut this is the end of the season.
Mourinho is dead, but his attitude to France's prodigy machar is the opposite. The sun newspaper said mussina is bound to hit a big-money signings this summer, Gerry boltzmann and luca library such stars are likely to join the red devils Manchester united front configuration will look bloated. In addition, mourinho will have to consider uefa's rules for financial fair play, which means that jose mourinho is selling, and machar may be the main target of mussina's opening.
In the summer of 2015, he moved from Monaco to Manchester united, with a net worth of up to 58 million pounds. In the 2015-16 season, machar stood out as the team's thigh. But under mourinho, machar was lost in the premier league last season, less than half of the total. In addition, Mr. Machar's professional attitude and off-court lace have been criticized by jose mourinho, cheap MLB Hatswho is outspoken about the lack of mental quality of French stars.

More than 80 million

In Cardiff city, real Madrid team strive to win the team history of the champions league trophy 12, cheap mlb jerseyswhen they beat Juventus win, they will also get a lot of extra bonus income.
No team has ever achieved the champions league feat in the history of Europe, and real Madrid are determined to break the spell. Moreover, for the past 59 years, real Madrid have never achieved the la liga and the champions league, and they now have a chance to make history.
Spanish daily marca, points out that ramos and real Madrid team other bosses negotiations with real Madrid top prize, cheap nba jerseysreal Madrid top agreed with the player's request. If real Madrid are the champions of la liga and champions league, each player will receive a bonus of 1.5 million euros.
Last season, real Madrid won the history of the champions league trophy, 11 real Madrid bonuses paid 32 million euros for players and the coach team, everyone get a bonus of 700000 euros, about because beat Barcelona at the nou camp again, real Madrid won the 100000 euros extra reward everyone.
The marca report said that if real Madrid beat juve this time, nfl jerseys cheapreal Madrid would have a total of more than 80 million euros.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


 "yahoo! Sports" by France creates a spice, signing the ligue 1 giants Paris st germain Pierre aubameyang has only officer xuan, PSG has been in the front of god transfer and Dortmund agreed, and Pierre aubameyang also accepted the Paris opened a personal treatment, replica oakley sunglasseshe will be joining the Paris to transfer fee of 70 million euros, this will create the history of Paris team's historical records.
After the introduction of the most expensive player in Paris is Uruguayan cavani, he joined a fee of 64 million euros in Paris, now a major setback in the season, losing ligue 1 champions, PSG swiftly in the transfer market has confirmed the deal of Pierre aubameyang.
According to the yahoo! Sports, Pierre aubameyang transfer Paris has nailing on basic upper, borussia Dortmund accepted a euro 70 million bid in Paris, and Pierre aubameyang also accepted the Paris opened a personal contract, he will get a salary of 10 million euros in the ligue 1 giants, Paris at the same time also will give god the bundesliga feng signing at 6 million euros.
Both clubs agreed, nfl jerseys cheapand the players accepted the individual contract, it clears the Pierre aubameyang joining all the obstacles, the deal is expected to be an officially announced in the near future.
In the past the bundesliga season, Pierre aubameyang scored 31 bundesliga goal, won the premiership golden boot, he joined will let the increased attacking options, in Paris next season, PSG will have willy aubemayang + cavani up front.
The German newspaper bild also revealed that he has emptied his locker in the locker room, which means he will say goodbye to bumblebee. In his four seasons with dort, cheap hatshe has made 189 appearances, scoring 120 goals and being a very efficient striker.