Wednesday, June 14, 2017


What makes a home ? Love and sympathy and confidence. It is a place where kindly affections exist among all the members of the family.The parents take good care of their children.meanwhile, cheap jerseysthe children are interested in the activities of their parents.Thus all of them are bound together by affection,and they find their home to be the cheeriest place in the world.Sometimes we heard that home is surrounded by money, exterior element.Especially when we grow up day by day, when I was a child, getting together with my parents all day, that's my dream. Due to some reason, The dream failed,  later, starting education and seeking job outside. I have a little time with my parents.Even I ever told my wife that we don't want our child leave us in the future, even one day.But it is not come true till now. When my sweet daughter come to the world,home is to be whole at that moment.During the time when my sweet is not along with us.My wife and I thought about some questions. What are we striving for while working hard ? What can we bring to our children? How to make a whole home? This is actually troubled us. Indeed, many of our dreams are beat by external power. Someone get over it and get benefit from them,unfortunately, someone was beat and lost their heart.We struggle hard to get high successful and prosperous life, but prosperity alone can by on means insure happiness for home.Your home may be poor and humble, that's your duty. You should try to make it cheerful and comfortable, a whole home. I like one sentence" the greater the difficulties, the richer will be your reward". All of them is a temporary difficult, cheap snapback hatsI firmly believe. That's a stupid idea that children are hindering your development along with us. No one can prevent you if you want.Yes , no one. if you want. To be happy that I will see my sweet tomorrow.        

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