Friday, June 2, 2017

More than 80 million

In Cardiff city, real Madrid team strive to win the team history of the champions league trophy 12, cheap mlb jerseyswhen they beat Juventus win, they will also get a lot of extra bonus income.
No team has ever achieved the champions league feat in the history of Europe, and real Madrid are determined to break the spell. Moreover, for the past 59 years, real Madrid have never achieved the la liga and the champions league, and they now have a chance to make history.
Spanish daily marca, points out that ramos and real Madrid team other bosses negotiations with real Madrid top prize, cheap nba jerseysreal Madrid top agreed with the player's request. If real Madrid are the champions of la liga and champions league, each player will receive a bonus of 1.5 million euros.
Last season, real Madrid won the history of the champions league trophy, 11 real Madrid bonuses paid 32 million euros for players and the coach team, everyone get a bonus of 700000 euros, about because beat Barcelona at the nou camp again, real Madrid won the 100000 euros extra reward everyone.
The marca report said that if real Madrid beat juve this time, nfl jerseys cheapreal Madrid would have a total of more than 80 million euros.

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