Friday, June 2, 2017

Manchester united have officially rejected real Madrid

Sky sports today confirmed that Manchester united have officially rejected real Madrid's bid for DE gea, suggesting united's determination to remain in the club. Sky sports claims that real Madrid's offer is as high as 60m pounds, cheap nhl jerseysa record for the highest transfer fee ever, but united are not at all impressed. Manchester united have labelled DE gea as "not for sale".
Real Madrid is a club that is not easily abandoned. Two years ago, they were almost able to get DE gea, but they were ridiculed for failing to deal with the fax machine. Two years later, real Madrid are back, and florentino is confident that he will be able to dig him out this summer. However, Manchester united have been more hawkish this time, and mourinho is not a good player and will not be able to easily release the defensive cornerstones of the game.
Sky sports points out that real Madrid's bid for DE gea is 60 million pounds, three times the cost of Manchester united's $18m transfer fee (18m). The record for the highest transfer fee in the history of the goalkeeper was created by gianluigi buffon, who spent 33 million pounds to buy him. Real Madrid now give Manchester united a 60m pound, almost twice the price of buffon, cheap ncaa jerseysbut united remain reluctant to sell.
In the latter part of the season, jose mourinho has decided to give up the premier league and lead the champions league and win the uefa champions league. The reds will return to the champions league next season. To make a mark in the champions league, Manchester united must be equipped with a good goalkeeper, leaving him clearly the best option. Yesterday, the BBC noted that Mr DE gea was happy to live in Manchester united and he had no intention of leaving the club. He has played 45 times for united in the 2016-17 season. For the past three seasons DE jaha has been the best player in Manchester united, cheap soccer jerseysbut this is the end of the season.
Mourinho is dead, but his attitude to France's prodigy machar is the opposite. The sun newspaper said mussina is bound to hit a big-money signings this summer, Gerry boltzmann and luca library such stars are likely to join the red devils Manchester united front configuration will look bloated. In addition, mourinho will have to consider uefa's rules for financial fair play, which means that jose mourinho is selling, and machar may be the main target of mussina's opening.
In the summer of 2015, he moved from Monaco to Manchester united, with a net worth of up to 58 million pounds. In the 2015-16 season, machar stood out as the team's thigh. But under mourinho, machar was lost in the premier league last season, less than half of the total. In addition, Mr. Machar's professional attitude and off-court lace have been criticized by jose mourinho, cheap MLB Hatswho is outspoken about the lack of mental quality of French stars.

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