Thursday, April 27, 2017

two parents' meetings

Today is the time to return to the school,with a bit exciting heart,nfl jerseys cheap, just because I must hold a parents' meetings for my class.Remembering I have ever had such experiences several times,but I already forgot how many times,only remember how nervous I felt while speaking in front of many parents at that moment.Of course,the parents of that time were much older than me,but the present parents are nearly same age as me.On my way to the school,I had been worried about whether I would feel nervous and make an incoherent speech.
Most of parents attended this meeting,who seemed friendly and smiled at me when they saw me.Yeah,children and parents are always similar.It's Karma that they gave me a good impression,just like between children gave me at the beginning. I did it well and felt like saying in front of my students,without any nervous in the meeting.How to treat students and my own kid,which is always the question I think about.It happened to be my favourite topic.
Wish lovely parents and kids to spend a happy Spring Festival!
Suddenly thinking of another parents' meeting for my son this evening.Because my son‘s fever recurred because of returning to his school this cold morning.I decided not to attend this meeting,cheap hats, I think it is carrying on now.I sent a message to his mainteacher just now.
Wish everything better quickly!

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