Thursday, April 27, 2017

My sun and moon

No the sun or the moon,then no my world.
Son is my sun,husband is my moon.
Form my days and nights.
Son is the rising sun,with pure smiles which can thaw any bit sorrows,cheap jerseys, bring me endless happiness.
Husband is the moon hanging there in black sky,neither near nor far, give me timeless warmth.
My life gets splendid because of the sun,and steady because of the moon in spite of the terrible nights.
I think I possess all world,nobody can live more happily than I.
Countless stars twinkling,parents' wishes.
All other dirts in days and darkness at nights are just around me, I turn a blind eye to them,I hope so.
Only a few person into my long life,simple but nice.
Days,nights,cheap Oakley sunglasses, repeat again and again.
Never expect the next lifetime.
Only go on with such days,I deeply feel in content.

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