Thursday, April 27, 2017

Let's get married!

This TV play was very popular in the past half a year,cheap nfl hatsand I often heard about the names of main roles in it.Some women teachers talked a lot  about it in the office.These days,I had enough time and finished watching it.Although it's filled with humorous remarks,it's a very touching story.
Such warmest words:Let's get married.Without any hesitations or misgivings,Maybe some people hope for love,or some for the feeling of home.Some are for the promise of a life-time,or some are because of can't part at that moment.
I believe in that sentence from an old man in the TV play:Small happiness is just the real happiness.Instead,I like those old men very much who are very lovely and simple.To seek a right person to wed,which sounds like an easy thing,however so many people can't keep at it.Most lose out to the real-life.After all,nobody is perfect,so is our life!Slowly and slowly,we must learn to choose,choose what we really want.The pities are in everyone's deep heart,replica oakley sunglasses, no pities,no lives of ours.

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