Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Sense Of Ceremonys.

The sense of ceremony is important for our life. Different ceremonys remind us of what we have done, so the process looks like slower. Need more sense of ceremony if you are a longly man. The particular details make loners gentler and remove their aloneness from hearts.

Until now I got it, The ceremonys are created a long time ago, they can't disappear. People need it. Farmers need cocks to crow that means a new start of a day; all kinds of nations have their own festivals which are not only relaxing days but also have special meanings in their history; People need to read paper books even through we had computer, smartphone and e-reader, because it can't be replaced, we make it as our learning habit.

If we have not the sense of ceremony, time would fly away without anything and we would grow older faster. So some details seem senseless should not lack.

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