Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Bachelor

Recently, I watched a film named 'the bachelor'. The film tells a story related to love and marriage. The main character, Jimmy, thinks of men as wide and untamed mustangs and is afraid of marriage. In his mind, marriage will not only limit his freedom but also make him hitched. However, he couldn't get rid of the fate to marry because his girlfriend Annie caught the wedding bouquet. Therefore Jimmy began his proposal. When he proposed for the first time, cheap replica oakleys, he said 'you win' and 'shit or get off the pot'!
It really annoyed Annie. And Annie refused his proposal immediately. Then Jimmy's grandfather passed away with a testament left. It read that Jimmy had to get married quickly in order to succeed the $100 million. Nevertheless, he didn't take the holy thing seriously and made few preparation. There's no doubt that he failed again. With little time left, wholesale nfl jerseys, he almost proposed to every woman except the one he wanted. By accident, he boated on the lake with the priest who ever married. After listening to the father's experience, he realized the real meaning of love and marriage. At last, he succeeded in proposing to Annie via the sincere.
The film is considered as a comedy. There's no denying that it really makes me laugh a lot. On the other hand, cheap nfl hats, I also learned about the meaning of love and marriage. Love does exist and marriage is necessary during our lifetime. It would be a wonderful thing to be with someone as time goes by. What's more, keep in mind that what goes around, comes around.

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