Tuesday, March 7, 2017

English Grammar

My blogs is almost 700 articles since the beginning of the year 2012, but the English grammar is still mess in my mind, reading my blogs likes a children’s story, too simple, no any improvement, some stories need to be told the meaningful behind for readers, cheap nfl jerseys, I know I have never put down my heart to read any native English books, I am lazy even I have been determined to read the grammar book, but never starting.
Anita said there are many definite articles in my blogs, like “the” and “in” and “at” is mess. I need to learn from the beginning to enlarge my vocabulary and the skill of writing. what kind of books which are not boring and more interesting for my study? The English books in book cabinet looked are so old and so quiet, cheap snapbacks, the long time I did not touch its anymore, I looked at one by one, no one is suitable for me. Maybe for children’s with many colorful pictures may not make me sleepy, the essential grammar I need for my first step, I am going to surf the internet looking my point.
I found one of website: Englishpage.com is more simple and easy to understand for me, the poor cat. I am going to study and read carefully.

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