Tuesday, March 7, 2017

One piece of news

Plenty of delicacy swans were killed on their way migrating, these poor birds were founded in a lake lays in Inner Mongolia. Two predictions are mentioned, one says that the poachers are the criminals, the other says that heavy pollution is to blame.
Were they killed by the poachers as their prey?
Some respondents who are responsible for this said that some poachers who hunt delicacy animals illegally hate the government extremely, cheap oakley sunglasses, this accident could be some kind of revenge that aims at messing up the work that government are making effort on to save more delicacy animals from poaching, showing off what they are capable of.
Or as some netizens predicted, were they poisoned by the contaminated environment?
Usually, we take those places that are less industrialized and traveled for guaranteed that pollution would not affect there. However, cheap mlb jerseys, the affection could spread far more beyond we could imagine. And get poisoned takes time as well, the pesticide exists in the insects' and fishes' body is tiny, but with enough intake, that could lead up to death.
For a more convincing explanation, cheap nba jerseys, there should be some anatomy findings to be told. Whatever the result is, hunted or poisoned, the damage is done. Further protection for migrating animals is yet to be concentrated on and fulfilled.

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