Saturday, September 10, 2016

To improve myself evey day

I always think that all the people are refreshing themselves every second they have experienced.Whether you intend to make a change or not,it is a fact that you are in the process. Today, I attended a thesis defense meeting, all the speakers are one or two years old than me, so I should call them sisters or brothers. On the meeting,the elites made very excellent presentations, expressed their own opinions.Besides, their supervisors and other teachers gave their precious comments and suggestions to the presentors.From their praises,I got some good merits that I need to learn from those elder sisters and brothers.From the teachers' suggestions,I realized lots of shortcomings I should avoid and correct.So,in my mind,every day is a new day.Sometimes,I should admit,I feel a little arrogant just because of some little progress I have achieved,but gradually I find that I do not have any qualification to showoff ,I should say ,everybody have such an psychology state that if others are more excellent,you will feel inferior,and you won't have that much confidence like before.When that time comes,I always keep quiet and reflect on myself,I try to find out the gap between others and I ,and then try to improve myself.We live one more day,the life will teach us a little more.A secret to persistently improve myself is keeping in mind that never look up upon yourself,because more outstanding people are here and there;moreover,never look down upon others,because everybody has at least one merit worth learning.Somebody has said,life is like a marathon,only if you keep running,then you may not be lagged behind.As I have the ambition to be a champion,so I should and I will try to improve myself every day.

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